Union Street is “Motown’s” hang out, the vibrations of our diversity, the smooth mix of our crowd - where nobody dominates, a family of regulars. The hip urban crowd, the Theatre crowd, it’s an ever-changing scene where everybody is “way cool!”


Our historic “Art Deco” ambience, wood floors, neon and the “scene” draw our legendary mix of people. Union Street has entertainment, it’s the crowd, the noise, laughter, meetings, regulars and parties. Street doesn’t have TVs, it’s a place to talk and renew our friendships - to be a part of the scene…

-----Union Street is the hub of the cultural Center. Wayne State University, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit Institute of Arts, Orchestra Hall, Detroit Medical Center and the Hillberry Theatre are all within minutes.

Union Street is where the crowd comes to see and be seen. Every major event in the city from art gallery openings, graduations, festivals, Dally in the Alley and of course the Holidays, everyone gathers at the Street.

Casual, hip dress to suits, the eclectic crowd parties together. We are renown for our fantastic food, a bar second to no one and our classic ambience that nobody has anywhere in Metro Detroit. Union Street is us, you and everyone being part of the “Street Scene”!

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