The long winter months are coming to an end and the holidays are behind us. Alas, the best season is almost here the season when Maples opens! Our 30th season looms ahead and we've already got the Maples spirit!

We'd like to extend a personal invitation to all our friends, families, groupsthe Maples regulars (and the heart of Maples) to join us again or as often as you can this season. Once again, we invite you to enjoy a respite from the hectic pace of the city and to spend some time in the heart of "God's country" Maples Resort.

Maples Resort has become one of the finest family resorts in all of Michigan. Buried in the woods on the last stretch of undeveloped land, our natural setting truly gives us the most unique environment in Antrim County.

Maples Resort has been an unbelievable experience and a blessing for my family, partners, and the Maples regulars. It's a real privilege to be a part of Maples Resort one of the greatest places in northern Michigan and to be a part of your vacation!

We love springtime "up north"! It's our annual family reunion with all of our friends who have helped to get Maples Resort ready for the new season. Nature with all of it's unfolding splendor, makes one feel blessed just to be part of "life's" action. It is so beautiful up here that it will still your mind to become one with God and nature.

The year 2007 at Maples Resort was a fantastic year! We started swimming on Memorial weekend and set a record for swimming until October 4th ( 84 degrees) Wow! Buddy has gone to Dog Heaven, 13 years with Buddy at Maples Resort! We have a giant paddle boat for adults with family! Thanks Matt Gedda!

2008 will be a Great year for Maples Resort with lots of projects. Bookings are ahead of last year and the reunions are full of Joy and Fun for all of us.

Thank you for making Maples Resort a "Great" journey for all of us!

So stay warm, be healthy and count your Blessings! Soon we'll be up North enjoying the splendor of God's Country. Thanks for being a part of Maples Family!

God Bless us all until we meet again!


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