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Detroit’s Cass Corridor has always been known for its cultural activities and much of this spilled over into Union Street. Rick and Deb Zuccarini opened The Union Street Gallery in 1987 after creating a fresco showing a community spirit used in construction of the piece.
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Running the gallery was true to their vision, as all one had to do was ask in order to be included in an exhibit. Michael Mikolowski continued running the gallery from 1990 until “reconstruction” in 1996.

Openings were quite a party, no stale cracker/cheese droopy vegetable dip/box wine here! The kitchen and bar always put out some of the best. Performances were often going on . John Sinclair, Jim Gustafson, Ron Allen among other poets and musicians showed up frequently. Sinclair moved to New Orleans and had some rough going ,injuring both knees in that sort of weird ju-ju get used to this place sort of thing. His wife Penny injured her hand around the same time.

Word got out and Union Street put on a benefit during regular business hours. Imagine walking into the joint to a few bands, a couple dozen poets and someone asking for money for someone you didn’t necessarily know but would before dinner. Without exception everyone gave something that night and Brother John got through a hard time easier. Even though The Gallery is no longer and most poetry is delivered at the bar, a real artistic spirit still knocks around Union Street.

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